Paved Hot Tub Area


Our customer owns a lodge at Percy Wood Golf & Country Park and they've recently had the go-ahead for lodge owners to install hot tubs at their lodges. However, as decking is not substantial enough to house a hot tub due to the weight, our customer came to us to see what we could do.

Take a look at the customer's lodge before the work took place...


To facilitate the hot tub and ensure the deck was going to be long-lasting, we dug out the foundations and built a retaining wall. In preparation for the fence we would build around the patio, we set the fence posts in the retaining wall to ensure stability of the construction. We leveled off the area and began adding the concrete for a substantial base for the paving.


Our happy customer now has a patio area adequate enough to house his hot tub for years to come. On top of this, we've added a beautiful fenced surround for added privacy. The robustness of the flagstones, combined with the solid foundations we put in place at the beginning of this project, means he and his family will be able to enjoy their quality time together free from the worry of maintaining the safety of this platform.

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