Accessibility Ramp and Complete Garden Renovation


Our customer is wheelchair-bound and was unable to get out to enjoy her garden as the area from the door was raised up from the rest of the garden. She wanted artificial turf in one section and the rest paved so she could easily move around her space.

This was her garden...


We altered the wall framing the platform and built a ramp to enable our client to easily get down to her garden and back up to the house. We got rid of the old paving slabs to make way for the new ones we laid, as well as preparing the area in which we'd lay the artificial turf. To finish the job off and provide a more refined frame for the garden, we built a brand new fence and put up some sleepers for our customers much loved plants.


After two weeks of work, we were lucky enough to see our customer's face as she wheeled herself around the garden for the first time since moving into her home. She was amazed at the work we'd done and was beyond excited to enjoy the rest of the summer with her grandchildren in the garden they were otherwise unable to play in.

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